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Sound Designer


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Bringing stories to life through Sound

I am a highly skilled and experienced sound designer with over ten years experience creating worlds of sound for Games, Theatre and Television.

Previous employers include BBC, National Theatre, Scottish Parliament, Commonwealth Games and Edinburgh International Festival.



- Matchday Madness a mobile game app

- Inside Culture, a BBC series

- The Post, an immersive arts project with Macrobert Arts Centre

- Stella, a short animated film with Mull Theatre

- It Takes Ten, short film with Tron Theatre

- Taking Space, a podcast from Hidden Route



Bespoke SFX tailored to the needs of your project. Skilled in audio implementation, ADR and the creation and production of diegetic sounds

I Provide



Original scores themes and songs influenced directly by your requirements. Multi instrumentalist with expertise in multiple DAW workstations.



Highly collaborative, friendly and passionate about each unique project. My previous employers will attest to my prolific and fast paced work ethic.


From a young age I was obsessed with music and sound, breaking down the motifs in Randy Newman scores and asking everyone who would listen if they knew how the sound of lightsabers were made.

I began to teach myself every instrument that I was able to get my hands on and throw myself into DAW systems. This obsession eventually lead to my degree in Sound Production in 2011 through which I was introduced to the world of Sound Design.

Since then I have created original audio content and score for over 80 professional projects spanning Games to Theatre, Television to Art Installations. Through years of experience in multiple mediums I have established an impressive career built on ensuring outstanding sound design for every project I undertake.

In addition to creating music I am also a highly experienced Musical Director. I am currently the founder and Choir Director of The Edinburgh Playhouse Choir and Macrobert Choir.

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